Kenora Roller Derby League Announces New Skater Training Program





Kenora Roller Derby League New Skater Program


KENORA, ON: Interested in getting active, learning a new sport, and making new friends? The Kenora Roller Derby League wants YOU! We are an athletic and social organization formed to give women in Kenora and surrounding area an opportunity to learn and play women’s flat track roller derby in a safe, supportive, and healthy environment.

We are looking for women ages 18 years and older to join our team as skaters. We welcome women from various backgrounds regardless of their athletic ability, size, race, age, gender presentation, and sexual orientation. We are also looking for women or men (18+) who are interested in getting involved in the league as volunteers, referees, coaches, or non-skating officials.

Can’t skate? No problem! All interested skaters are required to register for the Fresh Meat Program, where we will teach you everything from basics of skating, how to safely fall, and how to make contact on the track. To play, you are required to have the following gear: a helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and (of course!) skates.  We recommend getting a “fresh meat” package from, as this will have everything you need to start skating.


New Skater Training Program Starts October 11, 2018.
Register by September 29, 2018. Registration fee is $75 plus annual league dues.




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The Kenora Roller Derby (KRDL) was formed in April of 2012 by a group of dedicated individuals who decided to learn the sport. The Kenora Roller Derby League is a non-profit organization and our goal is to promote roller derby in Kenora and its surrounding areas. Roller derby is a sport that is growing quickly and it attracts a diverse range of personalities and fitness levels. The league consists of many amazing individuals, not just skaters but coaches and volunteers that help run the league.


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